Villa de Bua Venue Bangkok Wedding Video Pae and Pey

At Villa de Bua Venue Bangkok we came here to shooting Wedding Videography and wedding photography for Pae and Pey.

วิลลา เดอ บัว วิดีโองานแต่งงานคุณเป้ และคุณเป้ Villa de Bua Venue Bangkok Wedding Video Purida & Wongwaris

We’re glad to be here to join in the wedding ceremony and reception for Pae and Pey wedding at Villa de Bua Venue Bangkok. One of the most beautiful wedding venues in Bangkok. The wedding is in Thai- Chinese wedding culture and then The wedding reception. Some of the guests are cousins, family, and close friends. Because it’s a wedding ceremony and they will have a wedding party in the next week for only close friends. We’re so glad to be wedding photographers and wedding videographers for both days.

Thank you Pae and Pey to have us on your wedding days.

รายละเอียดแพ็คเกจถ่ายวิดีโอแต่งงาน – Wedding Films/Videography packages

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